Thursday 23 May 2013

Mad moment!

Today I had a mad moment!!!  OK, that isn't actually news in itself because I often have mad moments, but I think this might have been completely crazy.  I actually thought about selling my Elfdoll Lovely Dami!!!  Shock horror!  The thing is, I've still got this urge to sell dolls.  It's really strange because it's not as if I really have to sell at the moment, but I just feel the need to downsize.   Having said that, I don't actually downsize for long because I end up spending my accumulated paypal balance on another doll.....!!

When I get the urge to sell a doll I usually would sell one that is easily replacable, in case I realise afterwards that I made a bad mistake, and, in this instance, Dami wouldn't really be a problem as she is not a limited edition.  However, she does have the older, immature body which Elfdoll no longer produces so that would be irreplaceable unless I found one secondhand.

But it was when I looked at her 'in the flesh' that I realised that no, she's not going anwhere at this time.....she is too cute!

EDIT: Dami is an Elfdoll Lovely Dami (MSD), normal skin, 41cm tall, size 16mm eyes, 6/7 wig and has very slim immature body.

This photo was taken in the garden, I made the outfit from a pair of girls (new) knickers!

Here (below) seen wearing an outfit by Robert Tonner for Ellowynne Wilde.

She has a style all her own! 

Another outfit made using a pair of little girls knickers!! (I buy them cheaply at a local cheap shop.....but cutting the outfit out is a challenge because of the small amount of fabric available!)

This photo was taken just before I went to London for a week.  Dami really wanted to come with me and as you can see, was completely prepared (she had more luggage than I did!!)  However, I was worried that she'd get damaged (she was new at the time!) and so I had to disappoint her!


  1. She is beautiful Sharon ,No don't do it!! oh yes you are going to keep her.Good, love all her different looks!
    I am liking seeing all your different BJd girl's, all so different, please can you say what size, ie height they are, helps on the visual
    I 'm slipping.... :)

    1. Thanks so much Dee, I really don't know what I was thinking, when I thought about letting her go!!
      That is a good idea about the size, etc., I will edit my post now and try to remember to do that in future.
      It's a slippery slope!

  2. I can see why you changed your mind Sharon. Funny how that urge to sell dolls can suddenly take over! I love the idea of using girls knickers - some of them are such fun aren't they? I hadn't thought of that before - lol I will be looking at girls underwear (and maybe boys as well) with new eyes now!

    1. Thanks Lorraine! Goodness knows what I was thinking!!
      The cheap Chinese shops here have some cute knickers that I've not seen elsewhere so I grabbed them for a Euro a pair. I can get an MSD sized top from each pair but it's like a puzzle putting it together and getting the main design right where you want it....but good fun all the same!
      Primark often has cheap underwear that might be useful!!

  3. Loving all the different styles and looks shown here but my favourite are the ones that don't show the doll's double joints.
    Are there manufactured patterns readily available to buy or do you make your own patterns from scratch or use some of their original clothing as a rough guide?

    1. Thanks very much for commenting Kendal, I'm glad you're enjoying the photos etc. I was exactly like you before I got my first bjd, I thought the joints were ugly and ruined the whole look of the doll. However, very very soon after getting my own, I realised that I didn't even notice the joints anymore! And several other bjd owners have told me the same. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder...or something like that!
      As for patterns, there are manufacturered patterns, and I do use some of those but I also like to either make my own or adapt something I have. Because the dolls are so varied in size and shape, most patterns, if not designed for the specific doll, do need some adapting. I don't mind making my own patterns but I'm very lazy about making the item up in a scrap of fabric or using kitchen paper, I want to just jump straight in there and make the clothes!!! (Hence my dolls have a lot of clothes, it's just that they don't always fit as I'd like them too!)


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