Thursday 16 May 2013

Another of my dolly purchases.....

I got this sweet outfit from Aletsa2011 on Ebay.  I saw it and couldn't believe that no-one else bid on it, it just struck me as being very fresh and perfect for spring.  I thought that my blond Millie would wear it and that it'd go very nicely with her blue eyes.  However, because she has had a few new things made for her recently, Ellory grabbed it.  She added a denim baseball cap that I actually made for Alex, and teamed it with white leather sandals from Boneka.  I'm not sure that the colours are 'her' but for now she is wearing it.  I still think it'll look better on Millie and will have to prise it off Ellory when she's not looking! ;)

I also got this batch of 9 'nautical themed' fat quarters.  They're not really dolly related as such, because I originally thought I would use them to make some cushions for our little place on the coast, but I really only enjoy sewing dolls clothes, so I think I will use them to make some summer sets for my girls and boy.   I got them from a seller in the UK called bluenaboo and would certainly buy from him/her again as the service was really good, postage reasonable and despatched really quickly....all very important to me!!  (This is the sellers photo by the way, and not mine).

Now I'm off to do some sewing!  Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. Ellory looks quite pensive! Has she been in trouble ??
    Love the blues and reds of your fabric. looks like you will be busy!

    1. Maybe she's been up to something that I don't know about yet!
      Thanks on the fabric Dee, I have made a start with a shirt for Alex, my only boy, but got too lazy to sew the buttons on!!!


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