Sunday 25 May 2014

A little bit of surgery....

What I do like about BJDs is that when you get fed up with their look you can change them.  I'd been thinking that I was rather bored with one of my little dolls and maybe she should look for a new home.  The thing is though, she's been here a long time, since 2008,  and I felt a little bit mean sending her away.  So this morning I decided to give her a bit of 'surgery'!  She is an Elf Elly Eomji by Dollmore and is one of the tiniest dolls that I have, at 14cm, but she has a beautifully sculpted body and the nicest hands and feet I've ever see on a doll.  They really are very elegant and well done.  So I took her to pieces and removed her old was really loose and floppy which made posing her a bit of a nightmare.  Now I was going to document this process with photos and make a tutorial of it, but to be honest, once I'd started, I really needed both hands AND those of my hubby, to get her back together again.  The replacement elastic was so thin but it was very hard to get through the holes in her feet for example.  Then once she was almost put back together again, I needed the help of an octupus to get her head and headplate back on!!  I also hot glue sueded her, which for those that aren't familiar with this, it is basically that you use a thin layer of hot glue on one side of each joint, usually NOT on the ball joint bit, but that which it goes into....sorry, I have no idea what that would be called...and this helps with posing as it makes a bit of friction between the two pieces of resin.  I then put thin wires through all her limbs and her neck to help even more.  After that, I added extra blush to her face as she was looking a bit pale, and finally a new wig, which I glued on because wigs always ping off her tiny head...she wears a size 2-3" wig and some of those are even too big on her!!!

And here she is, looking very cute I think!!  Oh and I forgot to say, her name is Scout!

Here she is sitting on the steps on my dollshouse, she's the perfect size for posing with 1/12th scale things!

By the fountain in the front garden of the dollshouse:

Helping with the planters in the front garden:

 Posing on the front steps of the house:

It's a good job there's no water running in the fountain at the moment Scout!

 Playing on her skateboard!

Being carried around by a Giant!  Oh no, that's just me!  (Showing you just how small she actually is!)


  1. She is so sweet and delicate. I am amazed how you just casually take her apart and then fix her and then put her back together!! It's just something I would never even think of doing!! maybe I need to buy a Sasha that's in pieces to encourage me to try and get her back together!!! I was looking at a Sasha's head that was for sale the other week and thinking , shall I buy it and try re rooting ? but in the end thought no If I'm ever going to re root I'll go straight in for the kill as I may never want to do it again!!! lol
    So I think it's great that you do all this cutting carving blushing etc and all on top of your many commissions for clothes from across the globe! I bet you thought you'd have a nice rest when you retired!!! :)
    hugs Dee xx

    1. LOL Dee I sometimes wonder where the time goes because I really am always doing something with a doll!! I actually enjoy taking them apart and putting them back together again, I've done it so many times that it's like second nature, but this one is mega tiny, so it was more of a challenge. It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd have been able to get the thin elastic through the foot part but that bit took me ages to the end I was pushing it through a tiny hole with the point of a thin needle!!
      As for rerooting, that's the thing, I bought that head to practice on but ended up then having to have a body for him because I fell in love with the face!!! And of course I just went straight in with rerooting my Bailey, I couldn't be doing with all that practicing lark! LOL.
      Anyway I'm glad you like this little one, she's a sweetie. I like the tinies, they're a pain to sew for but I need to make them some new things one of these days because they've been neglected for far too long!!!
      Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. Oh my Sharon, your Scout is wonderful and I love how you took her apart and put her back together again--my what skills you have!!! Her blushing is perfect and what amazing eyes too. You have given her new life!! It makes me think of the only BJD I own and she is (yes you guessed it) put away in a box in the closet ;) she is tiny but maybe not as small as Scout. I love her clothes too , just a perfect little girl :) xx

    1. Thanks very much Ginger. I'm not sure it's skill as much as madness that made me take her apart and put her back together again, she certainly is a challenge with her small little parts!!! But I do enjoy a good puzzle!
      I laughed when I read your only BJD is in a box, you are so funny! I suspect that Sasha just came along and took over your live and your heart, as they are inclined to do! I know that since I got my girls and boys, my BJDs have taken a very back seat to them!!!!
      I'd love to know which BJD you have though!
      Hugs xxx

    2. It is in a burgundy box with initials DIM. I think that stands for Dolls In Mind. Would you like to see a photo? It's been a long time since she has seen day light ;)

  3. Scout is adorable! She looks so cute with her rosy cheeks, and fits in so well with the 1/12th stuff! :D

    1. Thanks very much Lynn! And yes, it makes a nice change for me to be able to actually find 'props' that work with one of my dolls!

  4. She is very cute - definitely a keeper!

    1. Thanks very much Tricia, I'm glad you think so! :)


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