Thursday 1 May 2014

Ra-ra-ra .... an abundance of ra-ra outfits!!!

Today I finished five ra-ra skirt sets and am pleased with how they turned out.  The lady who commissioned me to make them is happy too, so I thought I'd share them on here....just so you don't think I spend all my time sitting in the sunshine...although I have to say it is very tempting to do so, and I admit that I did sit in the garden to sew on all the snaps, almost 30 pairs of the darn things!  I definitely need a "snap sewer onner" person to help do that for me! LOL

A pink set being modelled by Liesl:

Headband details:

Wren models a blue set because she looks so lovely in blue!

Her hairband:

Millie models a sunshine yellow set:

Her hairband is decorated with a little white daisy chain!

Bailey models a very pale lemon set, the skirt fabric is scattered with tiny coloured rosebuds and her socks are decorated with little bows tied in silk ribbons:

Her hairband is decorated with four asymetrical rosebuds, who's colours match the rosebuds on her skirt!  She hasn't really got the hairstyle for a hairband, but don't tell her! :)

Meggie models the pink yet...well this started out as another lemon set because the background of the skirt fabric is a buttery lemon/yellow, but I added a pink top because it looked so nice with the flowers on the fabric:

Meggies hairband details:

Finally some photos of the girls together, looking very colourful all in a row and giving the flowers a run for their money!

Bailey and Meggie:

Bailey, Meggie and Millie:

Pretty maids all in a row:  Bailey, Meggie, Millie, Liesl and Wren

Catching the last rays of the sun!

All outfits are already SOLD.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Billa, glad you like them! I had fun making them!

  2. Sharon they are all gorgeous, I bet the buyer is over the moon to have such lovely outfits coming her way! I love how bright and modern they all look.
    You'd best get used to sitting in the shade sewing!! once people see these you'll be a slave to the sewing machine! lol
    I would offer to come sew on the snaps but you'll be needing that time to try and top up your tan!!
    Love the photo's of all five together, look just like a row of children waiting to go to the park or beach!!
    Hugs Dee xx

    1. Thanks so much Dee! Yes, she's really happy with them, so that's the main thing. My girls were reluctant to take them off because they haven't any new clothes of their own at the moment....and you know what they're like, they do like new things. In fact they are all now standing around naked as they day they were 'born'!!!!! Thank goodness it's hot!
      The great thing is, people are receiving their outfits and wanting to go back on the list me a great deal of pleasure that they're enjoying their outfits enough to want more! :)

  3. Love them all Sharon!!! Such beautiful colors and the skirts are just perfect. Well done :)

    1. Thanks so much Ginger, I'm glad you like them!!! xx

  4. Just like looking in a Candy shop with ALL looking good enough to eat!
    I'd be spoilt for choice. Such Summery colours. Clever girl!

    1. LOL Kendal, trust you to think of your tummy! ;) Seriously though, thank you for liking the outfits....I'm so glad that you like them. It gives me a lot of happiness when people like what I do!

  5. 5 Sasha beauties all in a row .... wish I could think of a rhyme!
    Lovely girls in lovely colourful outfits. Didn't you do well!

    1. LOL Rosie, I was expecting that to rhymme!!!! Thanks so much, poem or not, it's lovely of you to comment, and I'm glad you like the girls and their outfits.

  6. Such beautiful outfits, maravilloso! I love the colors. You allways take very nice photographs, Sharon:)

    1. Thanks so much Barbara! And thank you also on the photos, I think taking the photos in the sunshine does help!

  7. Oh no! Sharon!!!!! You shouldn't have shown Sashas are furious with me for not dressing them well......any chance of asking you to take on another commission for a couple for my girls to share, before they walk out on my and hitch hike to live with a more fashion conscious mother?

    1. LOL, I'm sorry Jenni, I should have sent a health warning for you first! I'm more than happy to add you to my list, just email me at and we can discuss it! :) I don't want the girls to run out on you.....where would we be without our Sashas!!!


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