Saturday, 24 May 2014

Little Chocolate Thief!!!!

"Sam, what are you doing, what do you have behind your back?"

"Nothing!" (Innocently!!)

"Come on now dear, you have something hidden behind your back, what is it?.....tell the truth and shame the devil!"

"I only have THIS!"

"What!  Where did you get that?  It's NOT yours!"

"I know!  It's Lindt's,  but she isn't eating it, is she?"

"But you can't just take it, it belongs to someone else!"

"But...but....Lindt got it from Auntie Kendal for Easter, and Easter's ages ago....and she's not eaten it!"

"That's not the point, Lindt is saving it, it's hers and you can't just take someone else's chocolate bunny just because you want to!"

"'s NOT fair!  She's not eating it, so I thought I would!"

"No Sam, Lindt may not be eating it, but it's hers and you can't just take something that's not yours.  Now go and put it back in the box, there's a good girl!"

"That's right, I hope you'll not take something again that doesn't belong to you!  I know you're not really a bad girl, so come on, let's go and find you a cookie instead, shall we?"

Samantha is an Elfdoll Hana Angel, she's 20cm tall and a fully jointed resin BJD.  I've had her since June 2009.  I love how she has three different faceplates and two different sets of hands as standard!  


  1. Gosh! Boy am I 'living and learning' about ALL the different dolls that are around on a daily basis from here!
    What has struck me the most in this post (apart from the delightful storyline!) is the changing expressions of her eyes with the use of moveable eye-lids/ 'face plates'??? This is the first time that I have ever seen or noticed this and am completely in awe.
    I do also like the way these dolls can pose so naturally due to being 'double-jointed.'

    1. Thanks so much for the nice comment Kendal. I'm glad to hear that you're getting an insight (and perhaps enjoying a little) the different dolls out there! This particular doll was one of the first in the BJD world, I believe, to come with changable faceplates. If I remember rightly, she came with three painted ones and an unpainted 'sleep' faceplate. Also she had two separate sets of hands, one normal set of 'open' hands and the other, a set of fist hands. I did take another photo with the fist hands but never used it in the end. The different faceplates do make for good stories though...if you're good at that sort of thing, which sadly I'm not!!! But I tried!!
      Nowadays a lot of the different BJDs come with different faceplates and hands, some even come with hooved legs and things like that...those don't appeal to me as I'm not into anything but 'human' dolls, as you'll have gathered.
      I too like how they're jointed, it really does give them a natural look when posing, but I appreicate that it's not everyones cup of tea. I know that some people don't like the look of the joints, I didn't myself at first, back in 2006 when I first saw these dolls, but I have to say that like I've heard from a lot of other BJD owners, you soon don't even notice them!! There are some amazing photos on Flickr though where people say they've had to look twice because they thought particular dolls, the way they were posed, were actually real children!!! It can be a lot of fun!
      Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. A great post Sharon. I wondered how her mouth moved to make her smile, so is this with the different face plates?
    Are they easy to change the face plates. Makes for a great natural doll if you can change the mouth and eye position.

    But I do think you should buy her some chocolate! I'd not want to give up chocolate for some old cookie!! lol :)
    Like Kendal I too am living and learning about all these 'new'style dolls out there through your great photo's and posts. Keep up the good work :))
    hugs Dee xx

    1. Thank you very much Dee, glad you enjoyed. I'm no story teller though, am I!!!! I really only wanted to show the different faceplates as I've not put them all on her in ages. Yes, these are very easy, they just are held on by a little resin notch at the top and magnet at the bottom, so very easy to change them about without even taking off her wig.
      I can't buy her chocolate, I might end up eating it myself!!!
      But I promise that I'll keep the posts coming, so you see my dolls in all their err glory!!!!

  3. Wow, this post really educated me Sharon! I did immediately notice her eye changes and her beautiful outfit too but I was slow to see her mouth changes. What a versatile girl :)

    I think Samantha is really a good girl and who among us is not tempted by chocolate??? So nice her Mummy gave her a happy way out of her near Lindt trespass :)

    1. LOL I'm glad you learned something Ginger, if only that I'm hoarding this piece of chocolate!!! Seriously though, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Samantha and her different looks. It's fun changing the plates but she's gone back to her 'normal' face now as that is my favourite!
      Oh I am so tempted by chocolate but daren't eat any as I won't be able to stop!!!! :)

  4. I thought I was seeing things initially -she is a lovely girl Sharon

    1. LOL thanks Tricia, it's so much fun with these faceplates!
      Tricia, I've not forgotten about trying the wig on my English Sasha by the way, I'm actually waiting on a dark brown wig of the same type and it is for my own 1971 English brown eyed brunette (well ex brunette because her hair fell out!), I thought that might give you a better idea than the blond wig.

  5. Wow now I know - I just couldn't figure out how you got so many expressions. It's amazing the things you can do with these BJDs.
    I have to admit I own one, a Chrysalis 14" but she never comes out of her box - somehow I just never get round to doing anything with her.
    Your girl has sweet little clothes but why is she wearing an aran hat?

    1. LOL, it's great fun isn't it! I really enjoy this girl and I don't even change the faceplates very often, she is just a nice size to have around. I used to have a 14" jointed Kish but I have to say that I didn't bond with her and she left. They are not a BJD in the true sense of the word and their posing was so limited that I felt it would have been better not to have been jointed...and yet, I actually really like the smaller Kish girl, Olivia, who also has those joints.
      As for the hat, well the truth is, it was one of many lovely things knitted for me by my friend May in Australia, you may have seen her things on Etsy and Ebay in the past, she was known as Maisiedoats. She was a really lovely lady and we spoke every single day by email. Sadly she passed away last year, at the beginning of April, and I still miss her. So Sam wears the hat a lot because it's a sort of tribute to May, come rain or shine, she tends to wear it, even, as you see, with her summer dresses!!! Funny little thing, isn't she! :)


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