Saturday 29 November 2014

And the rain, rain, rain....

...came down, down, down,
In rushing, rising, riv'lets
Til the river crept out of it's bed
And crept right into Piglets....

Well thankfully it wasn't quite as bad as that, we never had rain (or piglets) in our bed, but my goodness the weather has been awful over the last few days!  It started off so well at the beginning of the week with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday being delightful, and warm enough for me to sew outside on the deck....but come Wednesday night, well "Oh what a change in the weather..." springs to mind!

The rain and thunderstorms were frightening in their intensity, the dry river bed behind us became a raging river, rushing past carrying everything with it as it hurtled towards the Mediterranean sea, flowing frantically through the culvert under the road!!!!  There, it crashed headlong into the massive waves, and between them deposting branches and other debris on it's way, across the beach.

In the meantime, we had lakes forming all around us and the puddles were ankle deep!!!!  Neighbours were frantically trying to sweep the water towards the road before it came in under their doors....old Spanish residences are just not designed to cope with heavy rain!  And to top it all off, we then had hail stones as big as marbles!!!!

Here I was on Tuesday, sewing in the sunshine to my hearts content...the temperature was 25C!

And this was two days later!!!  Temperature dropped to about 18C...brrrrrrr! 

In the top right hand corner of the photo below, you can see what appears to be a 'lake' is!!!!

I think the blue tinge below, is my top is reflecting on the window as I tried to photograph the hail stones....I didn't want to venture out with my camera in such awful weather!!! 

The sky looks pretty 'angry' during the brief break in the rain!

 Although the photo below looks like just mud, it is in fact the water rushing along in the what is usually a dry river bed!!  To give you an idea, the river bed is about 8 feet below the surface of the water!  In the background, what looks like another body of water, is in fact the road!

The churned up water, taking everything with it....I actually saw a childs plastic scooter rush past on it's journey to the sea! 

And finally, a write up in the local paper!!

Sur newspaper report!

So as you can see, the rain in Spain DOESN'T always stay mainly in the plain! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a good start to December!!


  1. I can't believe the weather over there S!
    If you need me to rescue the odd chihuahua or Sasha doll I am on standby...can't promise to return them to you though!
    Great pictures..I love the one of the dark clouds..

    1. Thanks Ronny, and you're right, the weather has been incredibly weird over the last few days. Now today, after raining all night, it has been lovely again. Not warm enough to sew outside but 20C which isn't bad for the end of November.
      The Chihuahuas are not amused by the thunder and heavy rain we had, I'm not sure you'd want such a moaning bunch of minnies to be honest! ;) But thank you for the offer all the same!

  2. Two wonderfully captured on camera weather patterns but give me the first one featured any day!
    Glad to hear that you and your family survived without any main internal house or potted-up plants damages.

    1. Thank you Kendal! Yes, me too, I much prefer the warm weather over the rain etc but have to say that it is interesting to watch.
      Yes, everything survived, thank goodness....although our tv aerial was hanging precariously over that raging river for a while, it's been pulled back to safety now!!!

  3. Your weather's obviously a reaction to the return of a certain person..especially those hail stones!! Lol In truth what wild weather and that muddy river looks very dangerous! I bet you thought you were back in the UK with that weather !
    Great photo's of all the action. Hope it returns to it's normal calm warmth soon
    hugs Dee xxx

    1. LOL that really could be the answer Dee!!!! All those hailstones, do you think they're Ice Queen tears maybe?
      And you're right on the river, very dangerous, I think if someone were to have fallen in, they'd not stand a chance, it really was moving so fast.
      Warm again today thank goodness!

  4. My goodness, bet you could hardly believe it. Has it cleared up again yet?
    Those pics of the river of mud look really scary although the river beds/storm drains are there to cope with deluges I suppose.
    Take care :)

    1. Hi Rosie, yes all cleared up again for now but apparently more rain expected towards the end of the week!
      The dry river beds are all along the coast and are really important when the heavy rains come as they bring all the water from inland down to the sea.....and my goodness do they bring some!
      In central Malaga people often park their cars on the dry beds and culverts and several cars have been washed out to sea over the years!!!! xxx

  5. What a deluge! Hope everybody was OK.... did you issue your little chis with a lifebelt?

    1. Yes, all OK thanks Jenni!
      Well the braver Chichis wanted to go white water rafting but I said no!!!

  6. Oh my dear Sharon!!! What a horrible storm!!! You captured the weather events so well in your photos. It must have been quite a shock. So very happy all is well now but take care if another storm comes your way!!! :) xxx


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