Saturday 15 November 2014

Trying out a different wig on Elise....

Yesterday I showed Elise, my newly customised Kidz n Cats, in a short choppy wig and there was only a quick photo of her in the plaited wavy one.  A couple of people on Facebook wanted to see more photos of her in the plaited wig, so I took a bunch of them today.  Elise is wearing a knitted sweater dress and grey leggings by Dee, her pink knitted beanie hat is from My Doll Best Friend.  Her boots are the ones she came in.

I think this wig suits her and makes her look sort of Afro-Caribbean.....maybe she is a child from somewhere hot and exotic.......


  1. Love it! She reminds me of my daughter when she was 5 or so. Your transformation of Elise is beautiful, I think these dolls, especially this sculpt, look younger than they are presented as in their generic form.
    Jenni xx

  2. She really looks fantastic after her make-over
    (I'm rather hoping though that, that's not Bailey's ex-wig that she is wearing as I just adored Bailey in it before her second re-root and would have loved to have bought it for one of my wigged girls.)

  3. Elise is super sweet in this wig too! I like the choppy wig best but everyone has their personal preferences about wigs! She is just wonderful Sharon! :) xxx

  4. Hi Sharon, I love this wig! She looks super cute in this one too. It goes perfect with her eyes! xx

  5. Love her in this wig! Gives her yet another new look, changing her wig makes her so different! I may have to try it with one of a year ..I mean a month or so.. :)
    I completely forgot you had that sweater dress and tights off me, looks very good on her, even if I do say so myself! :)
    hugs Dee xxx

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments on Elise and her new wig :)
    I'm enjoying my vinyl dolls so much these days :)
    Hugs Sharon xx


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