Saturday 6 August 2011

Another hot day....

Yesterday we woke to a dull day and I hoped it would be a bit cooler, but no such 10am the sun was burning through and it was already more than 30C in the I decided to do a bit of sewing.

When I get a new doll I like to make an outfit particularly for that doll so that he/she has something new to wear when they arrive. Of course Gabie arrived when we were at the coast and although I did make her something before she arrived, I ended up giving that to another one of my little Lati's, Lea, so Gabie had to borrow from the other tinies when she got here. So yesterday I made her a cute white outfit, a knee length dress and matching knickerbockers....I had intended doing a bit of embroidery on the bodice of the dress as it is linen and easy to sew on, but as with all the best she got a little ladybug button instead. Oh well, she's happy!!!

Today is another hot day and I've not done anything more strenuous than a bit of tidying up in my doll/sewing room, dusting the shelves and re-arranging things. Later I took more dolly photos ..... what makes you think I'm addicted to my dolly hobby? LOL! Anyway, this time it was the turn of the Secretdoll Persons again....I'm really enjoying the tinies at the moment. I'm now down to just two MSD sized dolls, one Super Dollfie and my Dollstown Ganga with the 7 year body.....the rest of my dolls are small, and that suits me fine!

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