Tuesday 16 August 2011

Relaxing and reading....

I have been really lax with my blog over the last few days!!! 

Saturday afternoon we were invited to a party as one of the neighbours have family over from the UK and wanted us to join them for their sons birthday celebrations.  It was a great mix of English and Spanish neighbours, plenty of great food and lots of singing and chatting.  I hadn't really wanted to go but it ended up being a really pleasant afternoon and evening, so I was glad that we had made the effort to attend.  It is lovely that we can rely on the weather and have parties outside without worrying that we're going to be rained off.  I can remember so many occasions in the UK where we would plan something only for it having to be cancelled at the last minute because of rain, or a barbeque which ended up with everyone squeezing into the lounge to avoid the bad weather.  It certainly puts a damper on peoples enthusiasm!! 

I laugh when I recall how any conversation about 'potential plans' used to start  "....if the weather is nice at the weekend, perhaps we can do so and so!!" only for it to rain and we had to put it off for another day!  I have to say that I do not miss those things about the UK!!! 

Apart from that, I have done a bit of dolly sewing, but mostly I have been reading.  I finished yet another Janet Evanovich book this morning and this afternoon I started on a book that I'm sure I've read but it was such a long time ago that nothing seems familiar.  It is called The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher and so far I am enjoying it!  

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