Sunday 7 August 2011

Today, although I got up early enough, I didn't get showered and dressed until gone 1pm as I was feeling incredibly lazy! I decided I would make a start on my Flickr account, deleting all the photos of dolls that left here ages ago, so now I've reduced by Photostream by about 30 pages! So many dolls have come and gone over the last few years, that my friend referred to my doll room as a 'revolving door' of dollies. The thing is, I feel that BJDs are expensive and if I suddenly realise that I've not paid any attention to a doll for months on end and have no real desire to do so, then the time has come for them to go. They cost too much money to just sit on a shelf looking pretty and gathering dust. So I try to keep those that I really enjoy or those who I just can't imagine being without!! Of course I still have managed to accumulate over 30 BJD's!!!! But it is better than it was!

So once the Photostream was whittled down a bit, I got ready and went to Virginia's parents' cake shop....Virginia is my son Brendan's lovely girlfriend. Her parents were going to a wedding and asked if Brendan would join them at the shop because they were wary of leaving two girls on their own with the shop open until late this evening. I know that Virginia and her sister, Rocio, are more or less 'all grown up' but I could see her parents point. Our town is very safe, thankfully with a very low crime rate, but better to be safe than sorry. However, the wedding clashed with my son's favourite football team, West Ham Utd, playing their first match of the season so I volunteered to go to the cake shop instead!!! Their mum was delighted as she thought it would give the girls the perfect opportunity to practice their English!

So today I had my lunch with Virginia and Rocio, two lovely girls, and Virgy made a great lasagna from scratch....then we watched Sex in the City. It's the first ever episode of that show that I've watched and I quite enjoyed it. I think I might ask Brian to download some episodes for me to watch sometime!

Well I came away from the cake shop with four cakes....oooops! But they insisted...HONEST!!!

And here I am back on the laptop again. I've just ordered two wigs and some of those silicone wig caps from Facets by Marcia. I like ordering from Facets as Marcia never fleeces us 'foreigners' for postage and she always posts soooo quickly that packages from her have been known to arrive in as little as 4 days from the US! Plus she's a super nice friendly person too! So hopefully my Puki Fees, Luna and Ante, will have nice new wigs soon.

So no photos today......and it's another hot one, forgot to mention that. And 40C plus in Sevilla today too!

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