Wednesday 3 August 2011

Dolly day....

After breakfast in a bar with our friends Magdalena and Joaquin, I spent my morning doing 'dolly' things. I changed my Mini Fee Rheia's eyes for some lovely lavender glass ones from Latidoll, they look gorgeous......she is such a pretty doll. I think if I could choose to look like any doll it would be her, she is sooo exotic!!

After that I took some photos of my new Secretdoll Person 8 who arrived yesterday, she was part of a trade (as I think I mentioned previously) and although I'd not originally planned having more than one Person, I think the two of them look cute together. I really like her default auburn wig, it really does suit her!

Here are the two of them together, Percy (Person 21) on the left and the yet to be named, Person 8, on the right.

Today Secretdoll announced that they are releasing a new Person doll at the weekend, it is to be called Person 15.....I hope that I don't like her, because really, more than 2 Person dolls would be a real handfull!!!! LOL!

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