Thursday 11 August 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

Here we are at the coast again, having driven down this afternoon.  It is lovely, beautifully sunny with a light sea breeze....and a lot cooler than at home, where it was 39C in the shade at midday!!

Had to laugh with my neighbour down here, she is a cuddly Spanish lady of middle age and she is great fun!  She usually wears the tiniest of bikinis without a care in the world, I so love her confidence....I wish I had a fraction of it....though I admit that I wouldn't wear a bikini these days, I just haven't got the figure!!  Anyway, she was making me die laughing, telling me how she and her hubby have had a bit of an argument over her choice of swimwear, he complained that she should be wearing something more fitting for her's hard to tell because of her 'young' outlook on life, but I guess she is in her 60s.  So today she went out and bought herself an even smaller bikini....I expect I will see it tomorrow! 

She also tells me that she is going to teach me to dance the Flamenco....oh boy, she hasn't realised that I have two left feet!!

Christa, my step-daughter, sent some lovely photos of Jake, her 16 month old baby.....he is such a cute and cuddly boy, we love him to bits!  I'm sure she won't mind me sharing a couple of the photos on here:

The lovely boy and his proud parents, Deryk and Christa

Typical boy!! Actually I think he may have been trying to imitate his grandpa here, they both have beards!!

It is so rare that I like photos of myself, in fact I can't even remember the last time I actually felt comfy sharing a photo with me in it, but I really liked this one of me, Jake and Brian.....poor boy getting squished by his abuela and grandpa!!!!  This photo was taken in October 2010 when Jake came to visit us here in Spain.

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