Saturday 2 August 2014

A guest Ellen Church's lovely girls and boys!

Ellen Church recently asked me to make some knit tee shirts for her boys and girls, I made them but didn't share them on here until Ellen had seen them.  Here is a mosaic of my own girl modelling the ones I made for her, there were 13 in all and Wren is showing them off to a 'T':

And here are Ellens lovely family showing how they're incorporating their new tee shirts into their existing wardrobe (I made some of their skirts and socks too!):

Thank you once again for sending me these lovely photos Ellen, and for choosing me to sew for your pretty kids! 

These photos are the property of Ellen Church, so please do not use them without her permission.

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. My Goodness Sharon you have been busy!! What a lovely bakers dozen of T shirts. Love the mosaic showing them off ( I really must give myself the time to learn to do this clever techy things lol) and the photo's of Ellen's boys and girls wearing them look like perfect matches with the clothes Ellen already owned. Love the stripy tops with matching stripy socks especially.
    Particularly love the brunette no navel :)
    Another triumph of Sasha clobber :)
    Hugs Dee xx
    Ps and gorgeous models of course!! :)

  2. My, my! Who's been as 'busy as a bee then!' You're getting to be a very clever and popular girl in the Sasha fashion industry!
    Please give yourself and Wren a good pat on the back for this magnificent achievement!

    (Could have had a 100% bet that Denise would like the brunette No-navel girl model the very best!

  3. How wonderful Sharon! I love the beautiful tops, socks and skirts that you have made for Ellen! How nice that the tops can be worn with other separates too. Ellen's Sashas are gorgeous too! You have been so busy and your outfits are very, very special :) xxx

  4. hi Sharon the T shirts are great and the photo's are wonderful too xx

  5. Hi Sharon. The 13 shirts are super! I admire that - you are so busy. Thank you so much for sharing these photos of Ellen's Dolls. I love always Ellen's photos and her dolls are really wonderful. I like so much the outfits and the manchester fabrics. I think that Ellen has a very great kind of arrange the dolls. And she has an eye for the most fabulous dolls the world over:))


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