Tuesday 19 August 2014

Vinyl doll comparisons....

A couple of people showed some interest in comparisons between my vinyl dolls, so today I stripped off their outfits and took some photos.  The dolls who participated are Tanya from Maru & Friends, Zwergnase Junior Marlene, Anke by Sylvia Natterer from the Gotz Limited Edition Anniversary set (50 sets worldwide, released in the year 2000), 1968 Sasha Redhead and finally Little Darling #1 sculpt by Dianna Effner.

The first photo shows a height comparison: (left to right, Sasha, Anke, Marlene and Tanya, with little Ellie in front)

Next up we have the bigger of the dolls, I love the different skin tones.  Two of them are wigged (Anke and Tanya) and two of them are rooted (Sasha and Marlene):

 Side view of the four bigger girls:

Little Darling Ellie joins the big girls again for another sideways view (Ellie of course, is wigged):

Four of the five girls have handpainted eyes:

Here are closeups of their handpainted eyes:

First we have Ellie.  Her eyes are handpainted by Dianna Effner herself, I'm very lucky to have this girl!  Her eyes are just so beautiful that people are often fooled into thinking they're actually glass eyes!!!  Even her lashes are painted on.

Next we have Sasha by Sasha Morgenthaler, she is a redhead from 1968 and I believe her eyes, if not entirely handpainted at that time, would have had a lot of hand finishing:

Next we have Anke, she represents a member of the Gotz family and came as a set with her family of Ewe, Jakob and Ana.  Her eyes are handpainted by Sylvia Natterer.

Then of course we have Marlee, who is a Zwergnase Junior Marlene, her eyes are handpainted by Nicole Marschollek-Menzer....thanks very much Jenni!!! 

Finally, of the five girls I'm showing here, Tanya by Maru & Friends.  She has lovely inset acrylic eyes.  I'm not usually a great lover of acrylic eyes but have to say that these eyes are particularly nice with a lot of detail to the irises.

Kendal was surprised to learn that Tanya can wear shoes made for Sasha seeing as she is so much taller than Sasha.  So here is a comparison of the two girls' feet, Sasha on the left and Tanya right.  Tanya has a lot more detail to her feet than Sasha, who has a higher instep.

I thought that having smaller feet, Tanya would be difficult to stand on her own, but so far she has proved me wrong!!  Here she is modelling Boneka sandals in Sasha size:

And here Tanya and Nuria, my Redhead 1968 Sasha, are modelling lovely T Bar sandals by the late Jean Jensen.  Obviously Tanya on the left and Sasha on the right:

Now a few photos of the two Dianna Effner dolls.  Tanya, along with the other Maru & Friends girls, was designed by Dianna Effner, and Ellie is my 14 inch Little Darling #1 sculpt, designed and painted by Dianna.

Both girls have very similar body shape with one main exception.  The Little Darlings have their neck/head joint at the head and the bigger girl, Tanya, has hers at the bottom of her neck.  I prefer the look of the Little Darlings because the joint can't be seen, but both girls pose their heads really nicely and can hold the poses well.   They even have the same, quite steeply, sloping shoulders, and their leg joint at the hips is very similar.

A side view of both girls:

"Hello! Are you my new big sister?"  Both girls have such cute profiles too!

"Yes!  That would be me!" says Tanya!

I hope, despite their size differences, the two girls will become firm friends!!

I hope that this comparison of vinyl dolls will prove useful or helpful to someone!! :)


  1. Thanks so much Sharon. It is so interesting to see all these different dolls standing together,undressed so we can see just how different they all are.
    Amazing all the skin tones, eye detail, foot detail and size. Love how little Ellie looks compared to the others, definitely the little sister and lives up to her name of the little darling !
    It's very handy you having all these dolls Sharon :)
    Hugs Dee xx

    1. You're very welcome Dee, I'm glad you found it interesting to see all these girls together. I think Ellie looks so sweet against all these big girls!!!
      Yes, it's really handy, of course I only have them to help you all out.....I wouldn't dream of having such a diverse collection of dolls otherwise.....Honestly, I'm such a generous person, aren't I !!!! LOL ;)
      Hugs Sharon xxx

  2. WOW! Absolutely awesome! Such comparisons and detail shown here. A million thanks indeed! Definitely a case of 'Ask and you shall receive. Not to mention in double quick time too!
    Fascinating to see all their similarites and differences up so close.

    My three favourites are 1.Sasha. 2 Ellie. 3.Tanya. Unfortunately that Little Darling Doll is becoming far too attractive for my present financial status! I just love where her neck/head joint is positioned so that it can't be seen. This is one of the things that I'm so careful about with Sasha as I'm not keen on her neck joint showing so, apart from her one OOAK commissioned sundress, all her other clothing that I purchase is right up to her neck.

    It was particularly interesrting to see Tanya's and Sasha's feet side by side as I did find that hard to believe that they could wear the same shoes.
    Loving Tanya's hair in plaits.
    Hadn't realised that Ellie's eyes weren't made from glass they are so exquisitely painted. I also think that her body is superbly sculptured to represent a real life little girl. (Oh dear, I feel as though I'm falling in love with her!)

    Seeing Sasha here up against Ellie I think that I'd better sign off quickly before I decide that those Little Darling Dolls could now become my favourites!

    1. I'm glad you found this useful was fun to do except that I couldn't do it outside as the neighbours were about and I can get away with one doll discretely in my hand but not a whole bunch of them! LOL. Also they kept falling over like dominoes! :)
      I agree with you on the Little Darling neck, it's so much nicer when you can't see that joint. I do believe that the older Himstedt dolls had the joint originally at the bottom of their necks but changed to this way later.....I'm sure I had a mix of the two. I know the Helen Kish dolls are this way's far more attractive. But I guess we can't have everything!
      I wondered if you realised about Ellie's eyes, they're so shiny and full of life and expression that it really is hard to tell. You should see some of the lighter eyed girls, they are amazing.....I would love to be able to paint eyes like this.
      LOL, I'm sorry that I've pushed you nearer to The Dark Side Kendal!!!
      Hugs Sharon xx

  3. Chon...... guess what your Mummy wants for her next birthday....!

    Oh, Sharon, they all look so cute, getting ready for their swimming lesson. It's a good thing you live in a warm climate. I love seeing the variety side by side and found your info very interesting. I do love my little Paola Reina dolls but the Little Darlings do have the edge - though the Paola Reinas have the edge cost-wise!

    Except for the one in, one out rule, I'd be searching for more dolls as a result of this post. Like Dee, I go more for the one out, three in rule.... so I need other people to set strict rules for me, as I'm totally incapable of stopping unaided. Some people smoke without stopping, some eat cream cakes despite being over-weight, some drink alchol in excess, but I just drown in is a happy way to die, LOL. Though, if anybody had told me a few years ago that I'd have ANY other than the few from my childhood, I'd have thought them a little crazy.

    Tanya and Ellie really do look like sisters. So very sweet together. Oh, what the heck, I'll trawl the internet, just to LOOK, I think?

    1. LOL Poor Chon! If she orders now, maybe she'll get her in time for Kendals birthday next April!!!!
      Thanks so much Jenni, I'm glad you found these photos and comparisons useful. I know what you mean about the Paola Reinas, they are very cute, but when I stand Ellie next to my own little Asian one, there is a lot of difference.....then again, as you say, there is a big price difference too! Having said that, I know I bought mine secondhand (although she was just three months old) so therefore paid more, the new ones from the artists are very reasonably priced bearing in mind that they're handpainted. Worth thinking about LOL!
      I think you and Dee have a great policy for buying dolls.....maybe if I'd been a dolly person back when I was working in the UK, I might have been the fact knowing me, I'm sure of it! But I really can only spend what I make through my commissions now!!!!

  4. What a neat comparison! Anke is lovely, in particular, but really, you are just putting more dolls on my wish list.... LOL

    Tanya and Ellie are very sweet together; love that picture showing their faces in profile!

    1. Oooops sorry Lynn!!!! I'm very good at helping people to spend their money!
      Thanks on the photos, I nearly didn't bother with that photo, it came out quite dark, but then when I looked at it on my laptop I realised that it was indeed quite cute!!!

  5. Oh, I forgot. The Z's artist is Nicole Marschollek-Menzer.

    1. That's the one! Thanks so much Jenni!!!!
      Hugs xxxx

  6. Great info - many thanks. I agree with Kendal - the Little Darlings are gorgeous and I am very tempted. Coincidentally I was looked at Diane Effner dolls about a week ago and saw some of the Maru and friends dolls - and was wondering about getting one - Sharon, you are leading me into temptation!

    1. Ooops sorry Tricia! I have to say that it's taken me ages to decide to go for one and I'm really pleased that I did now. I like that she photographs well, though I have to say that a lot of my photos of her are quite similar to those of my Little Darling.....I think they seem to 'play' the camera well, these two!!!

  7. Way to go Sharon! Thank you for a very educational post. I learned a lot by seeing these lovely girls together and it helped to know who was taller, shorter, and also to see the the nice close uo details of their pretty faces. Very wonderful :) xxx

    1. Thanks very much Ginger, glad you found this interesting!
      big hugs SHaron xx


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