Tuesday 26 August 2014

Autumnal ra-ra dresses.....

For some people cooler weather is quickly on it's way and although here in Spain we should have hot weather for a while yet, it got me to thinking about 'cold weather' clothes.  Being a lover of bright colours and pretty fun prints, I really think that there is more to Autumnal doll clothing than dull colours and long dresses......just because the weather might turn dreary in places, doesn't mean our dolls need to look dreary too, does it? :)

Sooo I was wondering how my ra-ra skirt sets and dresses would 'translate' into Autumn wear?  Today I made a couple of ra-ra dress sets in colours that I thought would work well for cooler weather......purple and red.  As far as I can remember, I've not made a ra-ra skirt or dress in red, so chose this colour for my first set.  The top part of the dress is bright red knit fabric and for the frills I chose  this cute cotton pique in white with red flowers, and then the underneath frill is made of fine white tulle.  The neckline is decorated to one side with a tiny bow of the same fabric as the skirt, plus a tiny white heart shaped button.  The socks with this set are red and white stripes.

The second set is purple knit with purple patterned frill and the second frill is fine white net.  The socks are purple and white stripes.

My models today are Núria (in purple) and Bailey (in red)....

These sets (one ra-ra dress and one pair of striped socks) are available to purchase at £22 per set plus postage from Spain.  Paypal only, payment as gift or personal payment preferred please).


Thanks very much for looking!


  1. Wonderful outfits Sharon! I love the Fall colors and Nuria and Bailey are adorable :) xxx

    1. Thank you very much Ginger! I'm glad you like the outfits and the girls!
      Hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Hi Sharon, very pretty outfits in lovely colors. The little bow on the red outfit is very cute :-). Greetings from ex-Nymphaea :-)

    1. Thanks so much Night Owl, it's nice to see you back! I have just linked to your blog....well I hope I have, the internet here is playing up this morning and sooooooo slow!!
      Did you end up moving house too? Or are you still where you were before?
      Hugs Sharon xx

    2. Thanks Sharon :-)! I'm still where I was unfortunately, there was not a single interested buyer yet. I'll have to wait until the market gets better again. Hugs xx

  3. Two adorable outfits on two very pretty girls. Great new idea for the Autumn.
    My lasses would love to buy the red outfit that Bailey is wearing if it is still available?)Thanks.

  4. Love these! Such great colours. :D

  5. Love both outfits and colours ! And would have been very interested in buying one of them but for being a working woman and therefore at work when this delightful sets appeared!!! I am sure these sets will sell all year round being such great colour's you chose and the quality of the workmanship.
    I'm off to sulk now....
    Hugs Dee xx

  6. I saw a newspaper headline saying September would be very warm in the UK. My girls are delighted as they haven't had a view of the sun since being shut up to hibernate two months ago and now they will be able to wear their lovely summer re-ras but, please, please add us to the list for a couple of autumnal sets... just in case.... or I'll never hear the end of it! These two sets are beautiful and your girls look wonderful in them.
    Jenni xxx


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