Sunday 31 August 2014

A new arrival.....

I ordered this little girl on the 13th March and got notification from the artist on the 15th August that she was finished and ready to ship!  My husband Brian said that he would pay for her for my birthday, which was back in June.  The little lady in question is my second Little Darling by Dianna Effner, this time handpainted by Pat Green who, although I understand is a relatively new artist to these particular dolls, she is a doll artist of some long standing.

I have named her Finn, as I like short boyish names for girls, plus there is a sweet little boy in the US with this name that I was that or Zack, another of my favourite boys,  and I really don't think Zack works so well for a girl as Finn does!!!  So Finn she is!

Finn is a #2 sculpt and I asked for her to be very differently painted than Ellie as I wanted them to contrast.  I wanted blue eyes, no freckles, soft lips and blushing and darkish brown eyebrows and lashes.  I believe I got exactly what I asked for!!!  I really am happy with how she has turned out......

I made her outfit last week in anticipation of her arrival, her beautifully knitted red beanie hat was made as a present by my late friend, May in Australia, she was known as Maisiedoats in the dolly world and I still think her knitting was second to none.

Here are a couple of not so great photos of when the two girls met!  I love how different they both are.  I think they're going to get on well!

And here are some photos of Finn trying on different wigs, she looks great in so many of them!

This is the wig she came with, a Monique Gold Jojo....

This is a Custom House wig that I've cut much shorter, I also like this on her...

Not sure where this wig is from but again it's been cut!!

This almost black wig is a Volks YOSD wig, it has two small plaits at the back but they keep curling up in the air!

I think this next one is an Elfdoll wig...

This one is a Monique wig I believe, but not the Gold Collection, so the fibres aren't so soft.  It has a single plait down the back and lots of loose 'tendrils' at the sides.

Ah, now this one I do know, it's a Leeke World wig and amazingly, remains untouched by scissors! ;)

And this is the very same style of wig but a different colour, a two tone brown with burgandy....

I have no idea of the make of this wig, I thought it looked really cute on her but needs a hair slide at the side.  The fibres are quite artificial though, the only drawback.

This is my oldest wig and has seen better days!  It is a Dollmore wig which came with my first ever BJD, Narsha.  The fringe has been trimmed somewhat! 

This untrimmed (and expensive!!!) wig is a Volks YOSD one....I quite like how Asian this one makes her look.

The next two photos show Finn in a faux fur wig by Spite & Malice, I really like this on her and will probably put it on her again in the future.

I think this next one is from Blue Fairy International, and it might even be UNCUT!!! 

Finally, this is the one I've chosen for her to wear at the moment.  It's a Monique Gold wig so lovely and soft with nice natural feeling fibres, but has had a lot of chopping.  I think it was once a Faith wig, which is waist length with long side swept fringe.....well now it's just below chin length with a straight fringe!!!  

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hurrah! She's arrived and what a little darling she is!! :) Love her in her new red outfit you made her. She is a lovely contrast to Ellie. I also love all the wigs you tried on her, how different each on made her look! There are a few there that really suited her, I particularity liked 1, 3, 6, 9,12,and 14 and the others were nice too!
    So looks like you'll have a few of these lovely girls to play with soon.
    Congrats Sharon she is lovely
    Hugs Dee xxx

    1. Yes! And thanks so much Dee! She arrived at our post office on Wednesday I think it was and Brendan collected her and paid the ransom so that she could go home. I needed to collect more fabric from home for my latest commission so I decided to go yesterday and bring her back with me too. I'm very happy with her! You're right on the wigs, it's such fun to change them about like that, isn't it! I found it very hard to choose which will be 'her' wig! I'm one of those people that once I've found the right wig, I don't want to keep changing them, just because I tend to fall in love with THAT look, if you know what I mean. But I think you could put a bag on these dolls head and they'd still look cute! :)
      Big hugs Sharon xx

  2. Oh she's just lovely! I adore the shortalls you made for her - the stripes are so cute!

    (And now you've sent me back to the site that sells these dolls, again, to daydream.... LOL)

    1. Thanks so much Lynn, glad you like her outfit too!
      I know what you mean, I am just like that myself, it's quite hard to choose with these dolls too because each one looks so different just by a change of eye colour or eyebrows!
      Big hugs Sharon xx

  3. What a.... well.... a Little Darling! It is fascinating how much 'hair' affects the appearance of a doll. Finn goes from very young to around 9 years old and from fery feminine to a little tom-boy, depending on her wig.
    Still love you too Ellie! Hope you like having a sister to play with.
    What a quick turn-around for a LD, though. I thought there was a waitng list of over a year.
    Congratulations to Sharon, the new Mum!
    Jenni x

    1. LOL thanks very much Jenni! Glad you like her.
      I think that's what I loved first about BJDs in that you can really make a doll 'your own' with a wig, can't you?
      I'm glad you still love Ellie, I have to say that I was worried that I'd either not like this one as much, or would prefer her because before Ellie, my favourite was always the #2 sculpt, but I have to say that I needn't have worried, they are different enough that I love them both loads!!!
      Yes, very quick because this particular artist is newer, so I guess not so many people have put themselves on her waiting list. She also hasn't got many photos on her webpage, so I suspect people are worried to commit themselves. I took a chance because I'd never seen a #2 painted by her but I thought her #1 girls were lovely enough to take the chance. I'm glad now that I did, I really do like her work. With the majority of the artists I do believe the wait is as long as a year, Dianna for example is longer still. I have an order in with Lana Dobbs which I placed back in March, and I was told back then that it'll be about 11 months....which is fine because you only have to pay a $100 deposit when you order and the balance when the doll is finished. So it spreads the payments out. You can also pay the balance in installments apparently, but I prefer to just do it in two payments, the deposit and the balance.
      Thanks again
      Big hugs Sharon xx

  4. Lovely blog you allowed us to discover in Facebook. Your dolls are very pretty.

    1. Thank you very much, Doel, I'm glad you stopped by for a visit and that you enjoyed seeing my dolls!
      Hugs Sharon

  5. Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! What have I done wrong to deserve yet another temptation with these Little Darling Dolls. Afraid that it's all getting TOO much for me!
    Just adore Finn with her paler shorter haired blonde looks.

    Gosh what a vast selection of wigs you have to try on her. Personally I prefer her in the shorter styles though can't quite decide which is my very favourite.....but am very tempted with the Spite and Malic one and the very cute unknown maker one that you mention needs a slide.

    Fab little shortalls outfit.

    1. Thanks so much Kendal, I'm glad you enjoyed looking at her. I really couldn't choose which wig....yes, I have a ton of them but then I've had some of them for as many as 8 years, so they've seen better days......wigs are the bane of my life!!!! I love her in short hair too, I think it's easier to manage too, especially as she is a bit of a tomboy! How does that happen, so many of my dolls are tomboys! Today she is wearing the faux fur one, I really like that on her too.....the hat had to come off though, she looked like she had an enormous head what with all that hair AND the hat!!!!
      Thanks also on the outfit, I think she really suits red, doesn't she!
      Hugs Sharon xx

  6. Oh Sharon, I just love your Finn, what a darling girl :). I am always amazed at how different their looks are just by changing the wig! Finn looks so pretty in every wig though and it is a nice way for expressing a mood change or a change in scenery. She is very wonderful :) xxx

    P.s. I really like the JoJo wig and the Elf doll wig too!

    1. Thanks so much Ginger, I'm very happy with her.....I was a little bit worried that I'd not like her as much as Ellie but I needn't have been concerned, I like her just as much because they're so different to each other! I do like to change wigs but once I've found 'the one' then I tend to stick with it in the main. I will see how it goes with the faux fur one today, maybe that is her!
      Hugs Sharon xxx


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