Thursday 7 August 2014

Gotz Classic Kidz Luisa SOLD!

I realised quite quickly that this doll isn't for me!  She is a Gotz Classic Kidz Luisa and I received her less than 2 weeks ago.  She was taken from her box, undressed and I washed her hair to remove the styling product, so she now has beautifully silky, shiny hair.  I redressed her and took one set of photos and then she went back into her box......that was when I realised that I wasn't feeling the love I should have been feeling for a new doll, as NONE of my dolls go back into their boxes once they're out!!!

She is all vinyl with 9 joints, she has inset eyes and her hair is rooted.  Her default outfit consists of dress,  capri trousers, hairband with bow, white knickers and shoes. 

I paid £124.99 plus postage from the UK, and am asking SOLD plus postage from Spain.  The price will include her full original outfit and shoes plus the dress she is wearing in the below photos.  Paypal only, paid as gift or personal payment please!

Company photo, showing default outfit:

My 'real life' photos showing the dress that will be included in the sale:


  1. Good luck with her sale. Sorry that I can't help you out here as 'I only have eyes for' the Sasha Dolls!

  2. She's charming! I'm sure she'll find a new home very fast! :)

  3. She's very sweet Sharon and tempting but I am being good.....I will be good......I can be good....... especially at the moment because I have no dolly pennies!! :)

  4. She is very sweet and I have been tempted several times but bought a Gotz Hannah/Sarah ages ago and she only receives attention when little girls visit, so think that Gotz play dolls are just not my thing. Glad she found a new home though. They are charming dolls and I would have been extatic to have one as a child.
    My latest adventure is with a sweet little Vestida De Azul girl to go with my Paola Reina boy. They are a good size for our current gypsy life-style and not particularly expensive if anything should happen to them in our travels.

  5. Oh, Sharon, I totally understand. I used to have Katie with a similar mold on an old body. She didn't last long in my house. I thought her body was a problem. Then I got the first jointed Emily. She lasted a couple of years while I had my doll business, but... once I closed my shop and I didn't need her as a model... well, I sold her... Somehow this mold doesn't click with me either.

  6. Hello..Is this doll still for sale..I am in the US and need to know shipping and if her hair is damaged in any way..don't understand the washing of the hair?

  7. Hello Sharon. Is tous doll atoll for sale. I am in France

  8. Hi is this doll still for sale . I am in France.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    I'm sure I'm too late, but just in case is she still for sale please?
    Many thanks Emily xXx

  10. Hi, I'm really sorry but this doll sold some time ago.
    Thanks for your interest.


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