Monday 25 August 2014

Beach babies.....

This morning I was on the beach even before the sun came up.....just me, the fishermen....and two of my dolls! :)  Thank goodness the fisherfolk were fully absorbed in their quest to catch their breakfast so I was able to photograph my dolls to my hearts content!

The sky started to lighten to a shade of orangey pink in the east towards Torre del Mar.....

The sea started to lose it's darkness...the buoys on the horizon mark the distance that boats have to keep from the shore.

The sun peeps it's head over the top of the 'cliff'....

Now nearly fully exposed....

A fishing trawler with her 'company' of seagulls looking for their breakfast...

And a lone fisherman in his small boat...

The Spanish flag flaps lazily in the sea breeze....

Sun's up....

And finally, my dolls, Tanya and Ellie, enjoying the cool sand before it heats up to much to stand on....


And then it was time for a dip in the sea......I left my girls safely on the beach though, I'm not sure they'd fancy all that salty water in their nice wigs!!! :)



  1. The light on your girls is just magical.
    I love the shot of the sea along the beach - how lucky you are to be able to stroll along there!

  2. When I see photo's like these I wish I lived by the sea! What a wonderful time to stroll on the sand and watch the sun rise, then take a few dolly photo's.
    Love the photo's of the sun slowly appearing and the gulls following the trawler, then of course the golden light bathing the girl's in their photo's
    I wonder if I can get Paul and Lindsey to get up before six to get to Scarborough before all the people are up and about when we're on holiday in a few weeks?.......chances..........none!! :)
    Hugs Dee xx

  3. Wow, gorgeous sunrise and beautiful dolls on the beach. I do miss the sea.

  4. Such beautiful photos! I really miss the sea - we haven't made it to the coast this year.

    ( Dee, you can get up and leave the family snoring - I did that at Scarborough and Flamborough every day of our holidays when I was a kid. Those B&Bs do breakfast at what I consider to be lunchtime. The beach is best at dawn when there's nobody else there!)

    I keep trying to think which of my 2000 or so pupils Tanya looks like. She looks very familiar. Both dolls are such sweet girls - a Little Darling and a Bigger Darling.

    1. Unfortunately we are a few miles from the sea and taking Paul's car which is too big for me to drive or I would be off and gone and return later :)

  5. Sharon, this post is magical. I am transformed when I see your beautiful beach and sea. I hope you had a fantastic time at the beach and a renewing swim too. How wonderful for you to be there!! :) xxx

  6. I'm green with envy! What a gorgeous lifestyle you are living!

    That little Ellie is getting far too much attention these days! Where are your Sasha kids at times like these?

    (May I suggest that you try to sneak in a few driving lesson's in Paul's car before you go off on your holiday as I've found that larger cars are just as easy to drive.....if not easier.)


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