Saturday 23 August 2014

Doll for Sale!

I'm advertising this doll for sale for my friend Anita as she doesn't have a blog.

The doll in question is a brand new Zwergnase Junior Tina, my friend having received her just two weeks ago.

Tina is approx 19 inches tall, is made of vinyl and has the usual 5 points of articulation.  Her blond hair is rooted and her eyes are handpainted.  She has a very cute, almost apprehensive expression on her face.  She is designed  by the artist, Nicole Marschollek-Menzner.  The vinyl is very smooth and good quality and the finish of her outfit is excellent.  She comes wearing her default outfit excluding shoes....for some unknown reason, the store that she came from, Samantha's Dolls in the US, did not have them!  Tina will travel in her padded Zwergnase 'sleeping bag' and an outer box to keep her safe.

These quirky faced girls are really fun dolls to photograph and play with.....their moods seem to almost change with the light and the angle of the camera!  They really are quite packed with personality! :)

Anita would like $175 (approx £105 for her, (Paypal ONLY, paid as gift or personal payment) which is much less than retail, plus postage from the US.  She is prepared to ship worldwide and will mark the doll as a 'gift' with a lower value for those of us who are subject to the dreaded customs duty.  But please be aware that if the value is marked down, so the insured value is also full responsibility must be taken by the buyer in this respect. 

Tina comes from a smoke-free home!

Here are some photos of Tina, more information and photos are available direct from Anita, her email address is:

I can vouch for Anita as a seller, she has been a close friend of mine for almost 10 years and is honest and trustworthy.   She has 100% positive feedback on Ebay, Etsy and Den of Angels.  If you require any further information, then please email either Anita directly, on the above email address or myself at

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Good luck with her sale for your friend.

  2. I was glad to see her without her headscarf. I DO wish Zwergnase would do something about the rooting machine they use, instead of hiding bald patches with head gear. The wigged, older dolls don't have this issue and sold far quicker than the later, rooted ones seem to do. But I love the colour of her hair.
    Zwergnase should take lessons from Sasha dolls!
    Jenni x

  3. Interesting doll. She reminds me of someone an actress or could be a model but I cannot think of who!
    I'm sure your friend will sell her, she is a very good price .

  4. Thank you Kendal, Jenni and Dee! I do hope that someone will adopt poor Tina.....she looks so worried that no-one loves her, doesn't she!!!

  5. An update - Tna now lives with me and has a couple of new outfits - one is a rara set made by dear Auntie Sharon. She still sucks in her bottom lip but assures me she isn't at all worried, it's just a habit she has.
    Love her! Thanks for finding her for me Sharon and to Anita for selling her to me.


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