Monday 28 January 2013

A repaint for Narae?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....I've been fortunate enough to grab a slot on the list of a faceup artist who does beautiful work on ball jointed dolls.  She's a bit expensive at $100 a head, but her work is lovely.  The thing is, now that I've got the slot, I don't know who, if anyone, I should send.  Originally I'd planned on getting my Kaye Wiggs Hope repainted but I've grown to love her as she is and now I can't imagine changing her.  So I was thinking of sending my light tan French resin Narae.  I actually did Narae's faceup myself and I do like it, but wonder if perhaps it's not professional enough. 

So the question is, do I send her for a new faceup or do I save the money and keep her as she is?  I do like her natural slightly freckled look....and I made this wig to go with her colouring...


  1. Does it matter how professional the face-up is? I would think it all depends on if you love her the way she is. Perhaps there's someone else that needs a new face-up more? I mean another one of your dolls.

  2. Hmm...That's a tricky one. I really like the coloring your gave your girl, but don't know how "professional" you want it. If you want a face up by this particular artist then you could have her work on creating something similar to what you've done. I'm not one for good advice though, I always just order the default faceups (because I like them) and if I attempted to do my own, it would pretty much look like someone drew on the doll with crayon, lol.

  3. Hard to say without seeing the other person's work, but it's impossible to imagine her any more beautiful. I really do think she looks lovely. Were you wanting a different look?

  4. Well I think she looks lovely as she is. However, I am a complete novice when it comes to face-ups only having one BJD who I believe has the default face up (he was Bearpicnic's Jacob)

  5. I rather love her the way she is, but if you want a change.... :)

  6. Thank you for all your opinions, they were very helpful.
    Well I kept looking and looking at her and then I thought that if I were to send her off to be done, what would I ask for? And the answer to that was actually the natural look that I've already got!!! So I've decided to leave her be for now and not send anyone at this time. The faceup artist is a sweetie and told me that there will always be a slot for me on her list, so if I change my mind at any point I can still send someone!
    Perhaps I'll go for a makeover for MYSELF instead!!!!


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