Tuesday 22 January 2013

Oldest but sweetest....

Today, despite the cold (well cold for me!) and rain, I ventured out into the garden to take some dolly photos.  OK I admit that I didn't know it was raining until I got out there or I'd probably have got lazy and not bothered.  But I wanted to take some dolly photos today as I'd been putting it off for several days.

So here are some photos of Narsha that were taken this morning.  Narsha was my first ball jointed doll and came to live here direct from Dollmore in S.Korea back in August 2006.  She is made from French resin and has a beautiful faceup by Raven of Ravensdolls.  Being French resin she has yellowed badly but I prefer to think of her as mellowed!  Despite the yellowing, I think she is still very beautiful and although I'm prejudiced, I think she is still one of the loveliest Narsha's that I've ever seen!!! 

She is wearing Monique Gold Jojo wig, which as usual I have trimmed!
Acrylic brown eyes by Glastic Realistic I think....I have tried changing Narshas eyes for glass ones many times because I prefer glass but always change them back because she just doesn't look 'right' with any others!!!!
Outfit by me.


  1. Great photos Sharon. Are these with your macro lens?

    1. Sorry for delay in replying Lorraine, and thank you for your nice comments. No, these are taken with my regular lens....please don't ask me what type because I haven't a came with my camera which is a Canon EOS 1000D....LOL!

  2. I thought you were blogging about yourself there Sharon......'oldest but sweetest'!!!!


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