Saturday 12 January 2013

Pink as Candy Floss!

Finally this morning I finished my Blythe reroot!  Yeaaah!  It feels like I've been working on it forever, although really it's not that long at all!

After the scalp kept falling off yesterday, I reglued it and left it overnight, this time I stopped myself from constantly poking at it to see if it had stuck, and sure enough, this morning it was securely attached, so I was then able to start on the styling!

She looked a little bit like Cousin It from The Addams Family at first!

I wanted to cut a straight fringe into it so used a tutorial by Puchi Collective and made the first cut:

Candy preferred to keep her eyes closed at this point.....

After that it was just a matter of getting it straight and all the same length.  As you can see above, the hair was really long and I don't like my girls having that much hair as it gets in the way of everything and really is a constant battle to keep tidy, so I cut approx 3 inches from the length all round.  Once I'd got that more or less level, it was just a matter of dressing her again and taking her photos!  She chose to wear this shawl collared dress that I made a while ago for one of her Blythe sisters.  Her spotted leggings and pink Doc Marten style boots are from Cool Cat.
I'm very happy with the finished result.  The colour is just what I wanted for her. 
I couldn't choose which photos I liked best so I've added nearly all of them that I took!!

And a couple where I've been playing with a photograph site!


  1. She looks lovely Sharon,and the dress is gorgeous on her. I really must pay my two Blythe girls some attention at some stage!

    1. Thanks Lorraine, glad you like her and her dress. And yes, you need to pay attention to your Blythes because they get really mad if you neglect them! LOL

  2. Well Done you! Next time I need a trim I will let you know :)

    1. Thank you Ronny! I can do colours I see you with perhaps a nice mint green!!
      Hugs x

  3. I was impressed and especially with the two photos using the photograph site.
    Love from Kendal.

    1. Thank you Kendal! Glad you liked what I've done. I love those photo sites, they are a lot of fun!
      Hugs Sharon x


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