Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Laptop problems ... and catching up....

I thought I'd try and catch up with my blog whilst I could because every day for the last week and a half I have been having problems with my laptop and connecting to the internet.  It seems particularly bad during the afternoon and evening, the evening being the time when I like to catch up with 'proper' emails and my blog in particular.  I have run several diagnostics and my hubby has also been checking too, and because the problem only seems to affect me, he feels that it could be my 'wi-fi' card....I think that's what he said anyway!  Unfortunately, although he is great with computers, he doesn't like to fiddle so much with laptops, so I will probably have to seek out someone down on the coast to have a look at it as soon as I can.

So please forgive me if I've not commented on your blog, or for not writing much on my own.

So while I have this little bit of 'connectivity' this morning, here I am catching up! 

I just got a couple of packages in the post.  One of them is the hair that I got from Retro Dolls in the UK to reroot the fringe of my little redhead Sasha.  Unfortunately, the two colours I chose are not a good match now that I see them in real life.  I chose Red Deer and Auburn Spice, both lovely red shades, but I now realise that she is more towards browny auburn than these two shades appeared on my laptop screen.  I don't know whether to go ahead and give her a cute multi-coloured fringe or send the two packs back to Retro Dolls for different shades.  I know that they will match up colours for you if you send a piece of the existing hair colour, but I'm very reluctant to snip any hair from her head to send.  I will have to give it some thought.

And the second package was from my friend Sue in the UK.  She had a duplicate red wig that I liked and was going to buy, but she said I could have hers as she didn't need the two!  Also inside the box were 6 bars of Cadbury's Finger of Fudge!!!!  Sue knows these are my favourites and often sends me some.  Last time she sent me "a full hand" of 5 but I joked that I originated from Canvey Island (I don't but it was worth a try) and that there, with all the inbreeding, we had 6 fingers.......(again not true but it was a means to an end!!!) and so today I find not 5 but SIX Fingers in my package!  What a lovely friend she is!!!! 

A couple of days ago I received the Mini Fee Karsh that I'd traded for with a friend of mine in the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, although the Karsh faceplate is really lovely, it isn't for is a lot more masculine than I expected, so I have sold it to a lady in Germany.  Hopefully she will pay on Friday and I can get that off to her soon.  So now I have a headless Mini Fee girl body and no head for her...poor thing!  I will have to keep stalking the marketplace on Den of Angels in the hope of finding one I like!  I hate having 'floating' heads and headless bodies hanging around, so I really hope I find something soon!

And so this doesn't end up just a whole bunch of ramblings, here is a photo of my tiny bjds as of today!  The only one in this size range that is missing from the photo is my Kaye Wiggs tanned Tillie who prefers to hang out with the bigger girls!

The Cast:
Back row, left to right: Volks Yosd Neon (1st edition, default faceup), Volks Yosd Megu (2012 edition, faceup by Nomyens), Volks Yosd Ayumu (1st edition, faceup by Caroline of Viridian House), Volks Yosd Papi (faceup by me!), Bambicrony tanned Judy (2nd edition, default faceup) and Dollzone tanned BB Kay (1st edition, old faceup by me...needs redoing!).

Front row, left to right: Lati Yellow tanned Pirate Lea (faceup by Ravendolls), Lati Yellow Gabi (default faceup, anniversary limited edition), Fairyland Little Fee Ante (default faceup),  Lati Yellow basic Miel (hometanned and faceup by Vainilladolly), Custom House Ange Ai Uri (Hometanned and faceup by Vainilladolly) and finally, Lati Yellow tanned Pirate Miel (faceup by me.)


  1. What a great group! (And all so well-dressed, too!)

    I had similar symptoms on my computer last week...seemed to get worse in the afternoon/evening, and it turned out to be a well-hidden virus in the Java portion, oddly enough. Hopefully this is not the problem with yours! (Though on the bright side, once I got rid of it, the problem was solved and the fixing cost no money.)

    1. Thanks so much for that info Randomfish, I will have a chat with my hubby as I really am not very good with the 'technical' side of computers!!

  2. Good luck with your laptop! Maybe you could get a photo, paint chip, or swatch of fabric with good color replication to send them (difficult I realize since light still refracts differently from the different surfaces). Is there a bit of fringe you have to remove anyway? Just rambling here as I hate to think of you having to send an actual snippet of her hair. Your little bjds are adorable, and I'm very much afraid I will be wanting one soon ;)

    1. Thank you Julie!
      I will have to give her hair some thought, because no, I'd really rather not cut a bit off...the rest of her hair is really lovely and thick with no missing plugs or anything, but the fringe is not so much 'thin' as it seems to separate all the time...does that make sense? So in photos you can see her scalp although there are no plugs missing, but it is like as if there should be MORE I wasn't going to remove any hair, but just add to what's already there. I've never done a Sasha reroot, I've only ever done Blythe scalps which are much easier as you're working with a rubber dome which attaches afterwards, so this is a whole new 'ball game' for me!
      Glad you like my bjds, they are great fun because they pose so well and so naturally, but they are a very slippery warned!! LOL

  3. Love the line up of all your fabulous BJDs. I have just the one 'Jacob' and he is a sweetie. Would be tempted to get another if they weren't so expensive!

    1. Thanks Lorraine, glad you like them. I will have to take photos of, and introduce, the others.....there are too many for one photo!!! Yes, unfortunately they are expensive but I usually sell one to buy's really the only way I can do it!


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