Friday, 7 November 2014

A lovely day spent with friends...

On the Wednesday of my visit to the UK, we went to visit Steve, James and Rachael in their lovely, cosy home in London.  I say 'we' because when Steve knew I was staying with my mum, he extended the invitation to her and my brother too. I have to say that we had the loveliest of times!!! 

The weather on the day was absolutely dismal, raining cats and dogs, but the home of our hosts was so warm and welcoming that we completely forgot about the weather (and the time) until we realised that we'd not even looked at Steve's gorgeous dolls or taken any photos!!!  We'd done so much chatting!

We were given a delicious lunch and afterwards John and Rachael had lots of fun playing Uno and Snap at the kitchen table.  I'm sure my brother was helping to 'clear up' the lunch things eating them!!!  And there were a lot of laughs and shouts of "you're cheating!" coming from the pair of them!! 

I did end up taking lots of doll photos but thought I'd share those in a separate post to save overloading this one, and instead share the 'family and friends' photos instead.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Below, my mum who isn't into dolls, but liked this particular Sasha in her beautiful coat.....well she may NOT be into dolls, but she certainly has extremely good taste in Sashas!!

Actually she liked this beautiful Kathy Kruse doll too.....I believe she told Steve that this one was her favourite!!

In the meantime, Tedi looked on in complete boredom at all the chatting!!! 

Below, my brother John, Rachael and my mum!  Rachael is such a lovely girl, she and John got on like a house on fire! :)

James and one of their large fluffy cats!

James, Steve and John .... and there's that fluffy puddy cat again!  Wish I could remember her name!!!

James, Steve, Rachael, mum and his cheesy grin another airing!! ;)

 And finally, for this post anyway, Steve, yours trully and my mum!

I would just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Steve, James and Rachael for making us so welcome in their lovely home, giving us such a tasty and filling lunch and to Rachael for keeping John entertained all afternoon.  We really did have a the best of times!  :)


  1. Your mum certainly knows how to spot quality dolls even if she isn't into dolls. I'm glad you had a great time.

  2. Great pictures Sharon! The dolls your mum is holding are lovely, she has a good taste in dolls! Steve, James and Rachael have lovely pets, the cat is a beauty! How nice to invite your mum and brother too :-). Great that you had a nice visit at such nice people, and not that I'm curious (yes I am of course LOL) but I really look forward to your post of Steve's doll collection. Enjoy the weekend, xx

  3. Great pictures Sharon. it was such a pleasure having you visit. The only problem was the day flew by to quickly. Promise when your over in the UK again you will all come and visit us again? Rachael says to thank you all for her lovely gifts, and to say hi to John ( I don't think she realises you live in Spain and Margret and John live here in the UK, lol)
    The fat cat is called Violet, lol. Xxxxxx

  4. Looks like you all had a great time with the lovely Steve, James and Rachel. Your mum is definitely a good selector of Sasha's! :)
    It's lovely to meet up with friends and spend a day chatting. Great photo's of you all too!
    hugs Dee xx

  5. Are you sure that John didn't borrow my dentures?

  6. What are you like Brian, lol..

  7. Great shots of a lovely day. Rachel is an absolute delight indeed - I have enjoyed talking to her the couple of times I have met her. You all look like you had a fun time indeed.

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments! Brian, behave yourself and get those teeth back form John ;)

  9. Lovely photos Sharon and thanks for sharing. It is nice to see your Mom and brother too! What a great time at Steve's house! :) xxx

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful two family gathering.....with a couple of pets and dolls thrown in for good measure!
    (Wishing that I'd been there too!)

  11. Thanks Ginger and Kendal, glad you enjoyed the photos :) xxx


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